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Bead Breakout began in 2005 in the hallway of a mammography clinic in Rochester, N.Y. Dr. Wende Logan-Young, then owner of the clinic, had been beading since the 1970’s. She spread her love of beading to her employees by closing  the clinic one day every winter for a “bead-in, morale -booster day.” Wende brought in her own beads to the clinic and all of the employees created pieces of jewelry of their choice. Those who didn’t know how to bead, were taught by those who did. One of the employees, Andrea Taylor, shared Wende’s enthusiasm for beading and the two of them decided to sell beads in this strange venue. Patients began to buy beads at the clinic and the word began to spread. It was at that point that Andrea decided to open her own bead store. The 2400 square foot building on Monroe Ave. was purchased in May of 2008 and after many renovations, the doors opened for business in November 2008. New merchandise comes in regularly and as time passes, more employees and instructors join our team to make Bead Breakout an ever growing mecca for beads, beading supplies, friendliness and knowledge.

Bead Breakout believes in community give-back by regularly donating to local causes and raising funds for charity through bead challenges and silent auctions. (Breast Cancer Coalition, American Lung association, Golisano Children’s Hospital, House of Mercy Homeless Shelter)


Bead Breakout has a large selection of beads, beading supplies and tools. From expensive, hand-picked gem stone strands to dollar bead strands, findings, tools, stringing material, and other cool stuff, Bead Breakout has merchandise to suit everyone's beading needs.

There are new products brought into the store regularly.

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